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First Steps

Once you have decided to resolve your dispute by mediation, contact us to make an initial appointment.

In preparation for your appointment it is helpful if you:

  1. Write down the issues and facts in your own words. Use a simple one thought per sentence format. Gather all supporting documents, financial statements, court pleadings, pictures, and related material.
  2. Provide the mediator with a copy of what you have prepared.
  3. The mediator will schedule an appointment for each party individually for approximately one hour.

Because mediation is most effective if everyone knows the facts in advance the mediator will discuss sharing the information you provide with the other party. You are also advised to discuss the information provided with your legal counsel.

Some of the documents may have previously been provided to the other party or may be in the process of becoming available to the other side.

You may also be requested by the mediator to provide additional information after your initial appointment.

At your first appointment, the mediator will explain the mediation process, review the facts of your case, and review a mediation agreement (Each party is encouraged to take the mediation agreement to their own solicitor for review). The mediator will at that time determine if the dispute is appropriate for mediation.

After the parties have been interviewed by the mediator, and the dispute is deemed acceptable for mediation, the mediator will schedule an appointment where both parties are present to begin the dispute resolution process.

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Several of the issues the mediator will try to determine from you are as follows:

  • What do you need to be satisfied that the dispute has been resolved?
  • What does the other party need to be satisfied that the dispute has been resolved?
  • What are some possible solutions that will meet both your needs and theirs?

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Independent Legal Counsel is required.

The mediator does not provide legal counsel to either party. Seek independent legal counsel prior to the mediation. You may also want your lawyer present at the mediation. You need to talk with your lawyer about this as well as the mediator, prior to the initial session.

Know your rights and obligations under the law as well as those of the other party. An informed decision is a better decision and easier to live with in the long run.

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